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What is the SMCOG?

The Southwest Missouri Council of Governments (SMCOG) is a voluntary association of local governments in the ten-county area of southwest Missouri. For many communities in the southwest Missouri region, the need for planning services is great since many towns and counties do not have professional planning resources, yet are facing many significant development issues. Through membership in SMCOG, such communities have access and facilities that would otherwise be unavailable.

Established in May of 1989, SMCOG offers a unique set of programs at the local and regional level. The purpose of the Council is to promote area-wide dissemination of information regarding issues and problems and to provide technical and advisory services for community betterment.

SMCOG serves the ten southwest Missouri counties in the Springfield area. These include Barry, Christian, Dade, Dallas, Greene, Lawrence, Polk, Stone, Taney, and Webster counties. SMCOG is one of 17 active regional planning organizations throughout Missouri.

SMCOG Membership

Membership is available to each governmental unit within the SMCOG service area, as well as to civic or development organizations, educational or charitable institutions, public or quasi-public bodies, or other recognized entities. By establishing formal contact and information sharing through this organization, local communities and the resource providers in the region strengthen their networking ties.

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SMCOG and Missouri State University:
A Partnership for Community Betterment

SMCOG is adminstered and operated through the Center for Resource Planning and Management at Missouri State University. SMCOG is the only regional council in Missouri affiliated with a university. Through this unique partnership, SMCOG has access to a wide variety of resources and technical assistance at the university. SMCOG's interaction with Southwest Missouri's local governments enhances Missouri State's Public Affairs Mission.

SMCOG operates under a variety of funding sources from the local, state and federal levels. Local revenues are derived from membership fees and charges for extra or special services such as local planning, grant administration, or technical contracts.

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